張 清嶽
Ching-Yu CHANG
Founder and President of A.S.N


  • B.Eng. in Architecture, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Ph.D. in Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, USA


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Associate Professor and Director, School of Architecture,
    Technical University, Nova Scotia, Halifax N.S., Canada
  • Professor Design Studio, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Visiting Professor Aga Khan Program, MIT School of Architecture, Special Program in China
  • Visiting Professor and Director of Asian Center, Pratt Institute, New York, USA
  • Visiting Professor, School of Engineering, Nihon University Tokyo, Japan
  • Visiting Professor, New York School of Interior Design, New York, USA


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    Pg. 125 Introduction of my work
  • ‘SD’ Space Design, Tokyo, Japan
    Pg. 110-111 on ‘Design Process’
  • ‘A+U’ Architecture and Urbanism, Tokyo, Japan
    Guest Editor and Writer for the Special Issue
    'Louis I. Kahn' - Silence and Light
  • Architecture Plus, New York, USA
    Pg. 54-61 ‘Fabric Structures Grow Up’ Introduction of my work
  • Artpark: The Program in Visual Arts, Lewiston, New York
    'A Space Within A Space’ Pg. 12-15
  • Buffalo Evening News
    'A Space Within A Space' - A description of my work as artist-in-residence at Lewiston State Park,
  • Edited and Wrote Descriptions of Louis Kahn’s Work for
    ‘A+U’ Architecture Urbanism, Tokyo, Japan
  • ‘A+U’ Architecture Urbanism, Tokyo, Japan
    Edited the Work of I.M. Pei and wrote article Pg. 16-21
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    'The Forgotten School - History of the Beaux-Arts' Pg. 16-21
  • ‘A+U’ Architecture Urbanism, Tokyo, Japan
    Article on Richard Meier’s Work
    Chief Editor
  • Contributor of Modern Japanese Houses' Published in Tokyo, Japan by Shokokusha
  • ‘Community Design by the People’
  • ‘Mitchell Giurgola Associates’
  • ‘Lawrence Halprin - A Workshop Approach’
  • ‘A Perspective of Modern Canadian Architecture’
  • ‘Solar Energy in the United States and Japan’
  • ‘Ulrich Franzen: Architecture in Translation’
  • ‘Modern House in America’
  • Paper on ‘Thoughts on Architectural Design Studies' Presented at Carleton University for ACSA Northeast Regional Meeting
  • Articles contributed for ‘Contemporary Architects’ Published St. James, London, England on the following Architects:
    Louis Kahn, I.M. Pei, Edward Barnes, Jonathan Barnett, Ulrich Franzen, Victor Lundy, Fumihiko Maki, Richard Meier, Gerhard Weber, Konrad Wachsmann, Shadrach Woods, Takamasa Yoshizaka
  • Articles on Topic of ‘Japanese Spatial Conception’ in Japan Architect Magazine
  • Shinkenchiku, Introduction of ASN office


  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
  • The Japan-China Association in Japan